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It’s music—humanity—art—the beauty, the ugliness, the stories, and “the reasons that we’re here!” Let’s enjoy, learn together, protect our love of the process, and continue to develop! I offer coachings and consultations to singers both in person and online. Depending on the need and purpose of each singer, we  work musically, on diction, brainstorm over repertoire, explore and deepen the artistic process, or any combination thereof. In terms of diction coaching, I provide assistance in the German, Italian, French, and English languages. Ultimately, my purpose as a coach is to support you, offer a safe space with sincerity, get down to the nitty-gritty, but also to encourage your growth, understanding, stability, and joy as an artist.

For inquiries regarding coachings and recordings please send me a message via the contact form, or feel free to reach out over social media. 



For singers who want to have a piece reliably and accurately transposed to a different key than originally published, I offer a transposition and transcribing service.


I found myself, as well as my colleagues, often in need of a transposed score, and after repeatedly seeing transpositions with strange accidentals, different expressive markings or just simple errors, I began transposing the pieces I needed myself. Now, I offer the service to others as well!


Please send a note for inquiries and pricing. I can usually complete requests within 1-3 days, depending on the urgency of the project.

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